AK Aeroshots

AK Aeroshots

Egli Air Haul is a helicopter operation based at King Salmon Airport in Alaska. We have been here since 1982, performing a wide variety of flying services for the region.

One of the things we do is AEROSHOT aerial photography. We have captured over 225 images of more than 150 individual commercial fishing vessels in Bristol Bay. We are confident these images will be of interest to you and your family, your crew members and your corporate sponsors. To make finding your vessel easier, we limited each gallery to about 25 images. (However, your boat may be in more than one gallery, so feel free to look around.) Also, we've used vessel names as GALLERY keywords, helping you search each GALLERY for your favorite boats. You may also use your vessel's name as a search term for individual photos. So if your boat is featured more than once, you'll see all the results.

Thanks for stopping by. Your ongoing dedication to our rich Bristol Bay fishing heritage is much appreciated.


Sam Egli

Egli Air Haul
#2 East Ramp
P.O.Box 169
King Salmon, AK. 99613
(907) 246-3554

Email: egliair@bristolbay.com
On the web: www.egliair.com